Granite, Aluminum and Stone Cattails Sculpture

Providing a charming slice of nature for the home, our Cattail Sculpture is designed for both indoor and outdoor display.  Solid stainless steel stems sprout from a polished natural granite base, which varies in color from piece to piece.  Just as they do naturally, the stones that rest on top of the stems will vary in color and size, so no two sculptures are ever the same.  Whether indoors or outdoors, we suggest you gently splay each stem to your liking, and enjoy as they move gracefully in the breeze. The chiseled granite base measures approximately 16”x16”x1.25” and thick felt feet on the bottom protect your floor. The stem lengths vary from 5’ to 7’ and the stones add approximately 3”.  Available with your choice of 4-11 stems. Base price for 4 stems is $315.00 - each additional stem is $33.75. (contact to add additional stems). Assembles easily without tools. 

The Cattail 7 (outdoor photo) and Cattail 11 (indoor photo) are pictured.

Custom Shipping for Cattail Sculpture
Please contact us to order your Cattail Sculpture. We will be able to provide you with the best custom shipping rate based on your delivery address.

Cattails Sculpture

Price: $315.00
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